Ty Alexander vs. Braden Charron (After-Hours)


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Here’s a familiar scene many of our fans know well. Two dudes retire to a hotel room, drunk and stupid, pushing and shoving like baby goats about to lock horns. Shirts off, nose-to-nose...you know these guys have been aching to have at each other. Smooth chests slap lightly together, eyes lock. 

“You wanna go at it?” Ty Alexander asks, his voice crackling with hope. 

“Yeah,” Braden Charron responds, all anticipation. 

Alexander is hoisted off his bare feet and thrown on the bed. Charron is stripped of his shorts, revealing a massive ass barely contained by blue undergear. Alexander is left writhing on the mattress, pearly white sheets offering no comfort as he eats Charron’s superior bicep. His face goes balls deep when Charron straddles his pretty face. Looks like we’ve got a hotel squash job on our hands. 

Or do we? Alexander gives as good as he gets, locking on some fierce headlocks with those skinny arms. Wedgies, face slaps, and tons of faces in crotches define this erotic adventure. The big question is, will these guys end up sharing a bed or not? Time to leave the ring behind in this after hours battle.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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