Tyler Royce vs. Blake Starr


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Blake Starr and I were in the middle of a photo shoot at the ring before being rudely interrupted by cocky up-and-comer, Tyler Royce claiming he should be featured on the calendar. In fact, it should be twelve months of Tyler. Now, I'm not disagreeing with the idea of an exclusive Tyler Royce calendar, but there is a time and place to discuss that. However, I'm not gonna stop two hot guys from rolling around with each other either. 

Blake has a radient smile that lights up a room. Tyler wants to be the only stud on the show, but he hasn't developed his wrestling skills enough to go against the real muscle studs on my roster. At least not yet. Tyler works every weekend in small towns on the independent wrestling circuit honing his craft in the ring. He's got a superstar look and body...and definitely a charisma to him, but he's lacking on thing: confidence in his moves. 

Now you know why he chose to pick on the rookie Blake. Tyler's ego is big, but not necessarily justified. He's still a bit of a greenhorn himself. Even so, Blake is out-matched and out-sized by the pro wrestling heartthrob, who was a respectable high school wrestler. Tyler folds Blake into various cradles and wraps him in various scissor holds and headlocks. Blake spends most of the match being tormented on the mat while his opponent commands control over him. 

Blake has his faced rubbed in the mat while being held down by the posing star. Tyler swims fluidly from hold-to-hold utilizing both his amateur and pro skills to master the novice grappler. 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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