Wes Ratchett vs. Chase Sinn


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Wes Ratchett is one cut, tattooed, insane pro. We’re talking abs for days, trash talk for miles, and a certain animal mania that defies all description. This dude isn’t exactly hot, but he’s got an undeniable sensuality that infuses his every movement, facial expression, and reaction. Confident Chase Sinn, for once, looks utterly unable to plan or prep in the face of such an unpredictable opponent!

Chase winds himself around Ratchett like a snake, coiling and twisting with reckless abandon. Ratchett screams in agony, but never gives. It’s a vicious dance between these two, a tango of pain and brutality that has both competitors straining and suffering, rolling and raging, clenching and cradling until sweat glosses over each muscular body.

Balls are bashed, necks are cranked, faces are buried in armpits, and one sad referee flounders in the face of such total disregard for rules and regulations. This is a no rules battle...and neither fighter will be tested in new, bone-crushing ways!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 40 seconds

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