Wes Ratchett vs. Teddy Trouble


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Wes Ratchett and Teddy Trouble have never squared off one on one until now.  They’re both totally macho maulers, but usually Teddy finds himself in service to someone like Wes or Max Quivers, lining up their prey-of-the day for supreme punishment.  But Teddy wants his time in the sun, and lulls Wes into thinking this will be a fair and honorable match, with a handshake and a hug.  But “hug it out” only ever worked for Ari Gold on Entourage.  Here, Teddy uses it to get the drop on Wes.  

But anyone who has seen Wes’s insanely wild eyes and muscles that look they were honed in a prison yard, probably would want to get the first dirty move in, too.  Not that Teddy is a nice guy.  He has continually proven to W4H fans that his muscle comes with dirty tricks.  While Teddy has the early lead, Wes eventually finds his usual footing, and these two get the chance to show off their faster and more agile “old school” pro moves.  Teddy tries to finish Wes with a clothesline, followed by a figure four leglock, and then a knock-out punch.  Teddy keeps saying he doesn’t want to hurt his friend, but actions always speak louder than words, as he presses his boot into Wes’s cornered neck.  But Wes won’t give up easy.  He has a reputation to protect.  

Wes gets his wind back and takes Teddy’s head and face on a tour of each turnbuckle (one of which is exposed – accident?), leaving Teddy begging for a truce.  But you know that truce will last about as long a Snapchat photo message. Still, at the heart of this match, these are two pro buddies who respect each other.  So, will they go for a true finisher, or find a way for both to come out on top?

Run Time 21 minutes, 22 seconds

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