Will Favero vs. Kenny Dean


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Kenny Dean is six solid feet of broad-shouldered, brawny, bodacious battlemeat. With the tossing golden mane of a rock star, and one hell of a classic physique, this smooth, celestially-inked stud’s time is valuable. Thirty minutes late, his opponent deigns to show his face in the combat zone. Before the initial lockup, Dean has a lesson to teach. 

“Nice of you to show up,” says Dean, with a justified sneer, as 23-year-old spitfire Will Favero stumbles into the ring like a rebel without a cause in black leather jacket, white t-shirt, and that signature chinstrap beard. But before Dean can have it out verbally with the belated bastard, Favero serves up a sudden and sadistic boot to the groin that sends Kenny to his knees. A cocky grin illuminates Favero’s face. The leather jacket comes off, and the fight is on! 

Favero grips Dean’s chin, muscling him backwards until each of his shining abs are on full display, reflecting the light. Favero savagely strikes said abs with a wide open hand and a deafening cracking sound while offering his struggling opponent a faceful of armpit in the process. Soon that white t-shirt gets peeled off, and Favero uses it as a weapon of mass constriction, making the long-haired hero turn bright red. 

Taunting schoolboy pins, powerful leg locks, nasty kicks, torturous figure-fours, and camel clutches worth writing home about are only a few of the explosive and ruthless holds featured in this one-sided battle for respect. Dean suffers like a bitch, which only fuels Favero’s twisted and totally inspiring brutality. And that cocky grin never stops...

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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