Z-Man vs. Austin Cooper (Jarhead Jobber)


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Is there anything better than a man in uniform? Yes, if that man is Z-Man. 

It was my lucky day when Zack declared, "I have my stripper costumes in my trunk."

Isn't that something we all want to hear from Z-Man?

Anyway, fast forward and Z-Man is dressed like a Marine...sword and all. He's guarding a safe that holds confidential information. Austin Cooper wants those plans. He distracts Z-Man long enough to sneak up behind him with some chloroform. Z-Man goes out and the uniform comes off.

Now all Z-Man's muscles are on display as he lay in the ring in a black military style speedo. Austin begins his onslaught. He is seeking out the key to the safe. An informant told him that the key is held close to heart and that the guards typically store it on themselves.

Zach isn't going to take this easily. He put the uniform on and morphed into a military mentality. He isn't going to just give up highly-guarded secrets. The two combatants are intense. Neither is going to give in freely to the other...and Austin needs that key.

The boots come off as Austin searches Z-Man. He knows his information is accurate and he WILL find that key. Cooper doesn't mind doing permanent damage to Z-Man if he has to, but Z-Man isn't going to let him.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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