Z-Man vs. Blake Starr (Guest Ref)


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Blake Starr and Z-Man are known for being professional jobbers. They are also known for their ripped muscle physiques and chiseled cover model looks. The odds should be that one of them can finally claim a victory, instead of limping out of the ring after being emasculated by one of Wrestler4Hire’s masterful sadists. But be careful before you place those bets, because this match will have a twist. Ref Slade Gorman insists he’s going to keep this clean fight. But like we said, all bets are off. 

Z-Man dominates early with a choke hold that Starr thinks he can defeat with a gut punch. But if you know Z-Man, you know that washboard can take a beating. Crushing Starr with a cross-body scissor, Z-Man gets extra compression leverage from the ropes, and Starr’s pleas to Ref to do something about it are met by Ref reaching down and playing with Starr’s chest and abs. Well, we guess every family has the handsy uncle, so Ref must be it. Z-Man gets Starr hung up in the corner, planting some great stomach blows and kicks. Weakened, Z-Man easily gets Starr in the air for a solid over the knee back-breaker, before lifting him again, and launching Starr over his head to the other side of the ring. 

That’s when Ref steps in to stop Z-Man from landing a finisher, and gives the object of his handsy affection some needed protection. Able to regain a little energy, Starr does manage to drop Z-Man with a clothesline for a fleeting moment of glory. Fleeting, because he’s about to be submitted in a figure-four leglock that has those incredible abs flexing in pain until he’s left with no choice but to tap out. We thought Ref was going to favor Starr, but it turns out he was just waiting to get his licks in on both jobbers. Ref m

dignity of the ring for heels everywhere. At a point where both boys are a little winded, he strips down to his wrestling trunks, and stuns them both with a gut punch. We have said it before, and we will say it again – props to Ref for keeping his body in competition shape. The boys think they can handle this by double teaming him. They better think again. Jobbers are meant to suffer, and Ref is old school and wants to keep the action classic. Z-Man resorts to strangling Ref with his shirt, and Starr shouts, “Let’s f- him up!” Elder abuse? Hardly. Ref can still handle himself. They have double-teamed him, and he brings on the doubles, too. Double gut punches, double hair pulls, double chokes, double clotheslines, and an ultimate double face plant drop. 

Youth is on the jobbers’ side so they still think they can get up and redeem themselves. Place your bets on whether that’s successful, or whether Ref scores one for the silver daddy set. 

Run-time: 17 minutes, 25 seconds

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