Z-Man vs. CJ Reznik (Underwear War)


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I’ve been meaning to do more competitive, mat-based matches. When my friend in Florida offered me the use of his mats, I jumped on it. I wish there was a bigger fan base for collegiate style wrestling videos. I did fairly well in high school and think I’d be able to find some great wrestlers with the right experience who wouldn’t mind showing off in a tight pair of speedos.

This match began easily enough. I through CJ a pair of Calvin Klein’s and told him to “try these on.” Same thing with Z-Man, except I knew Z-Man would fit well in the undies I gave him. 

My direction for the match was simple: have fun, roll around and give me lots of energy/intensity. 

Both men have great physiques. Ridiculously good abs is the first thing I noticed on both dudes. 

They go back-and-forth locking each other in bear hugs, body scissors, head scissors and headlocks. I knew who was going to win. Well, I had a strong presumption. CJ has less experience than Z-Man. Sometimes wanting to win isn’t enough to win. CJ put up a great effort and it was hot watching him struggle to escape from Z-Man’s grasp…and vice versa. But I wanted to see Z-Man defeat CJ and that’s what I got. 

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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