Z-Man vs. Daxx Carter


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Tan and toned Z-man should be unstoppable with that muscular frame, handsome face, and tons of experience...so why’s he trapped between some hairy hunk’s thighs? Possibly because those tights belong to none other than Daxx Carter, who boasts a beefy brawniness that any devoted jobber would love to be getting a face full of!

Z-man moans and groans with the camera deep in his crotch, not even trying to arch out of Daxx’s pale, sweaty, massive thighs. Big, manly bare feet cross, then slide seductively into a grunting figure four, as Daxx commands Z-man’s wrist like a puppet master. Sweat drips down Daxx’s hairy, beefy chest as he compresses Z-man’s torso and chokes him with his meaty fingers.

Camels, spladles, faces in crotches...Z-man’s polished muscle bod is rolled and robbed of all strength. His legs are wrenched apart as he’s pinned, hair-pulled, and literally driver into the floor. This is a slow, methodical, floor-centered fight that leaves one man utterly humiliated time and time again.

Run time: 21 minutes, 18 seconds

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