Z-Man vs. Jayden Mayne


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Aw yeah, baby! Z-Man and Jayden Mayne have at each other in a barefoot, graphic print speedo wearing, grapple and grind fest. Two athletic dudes giving each other hell in a ring with no ropes, which adds a certain element of danger to the rollicking proceedings.

Lean and slender Mayne manages to catch Z-Man in a full nelson body scissors hold. But you know Z-Man and his Guy Smiley grin. No amount of pain wipes that grin off his face. Maybe will just have to fight harder. 

These guys are working hard, which is evident in their strenuous groans and the rippling thigh, leg, and back muscles. Z-Man stretches out the leaner man, wrenching those long arms backward with such force Mayne has no choice but to submit. 

The next lockup is brutal, and finds Z-Man trapped in an even more effective hold than before. Mayne is nothing if not adaptable, constantly altering his technique to match the weaknesses of his opponents. With Mayne’s ankles locked up, Z-Man must submit. Thighs crush heads, arms are bent into strange angles, faces wince with varying degrees of agony. 

Looks like it’s gonna be an even matchup, and the winner of this smooth-skinned battle is anybody’s guess!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes

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