Z-Man vs. Joey Nux


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Joey and Zman have a similar quality about them with their cut bodies and cocky, side grins. Seems like it out to make for a fun, sexy fight, and they do not disappoint! It’s great to see Zman actually fight, as he clamps his arms over Joey’s tight torso and squeezes. They tie up, push, shove, and torture rack one another.

“I hope that cheap spray tan don’t rub off on me,” taunts Joey, as he slams Zman to the floor with a resounding thud. “Come on...get up!”

With a beast-like roar, Zman charges at Joey, wrapping him up like a viper and pulling him to the floor in a hail of punches...only to clamp his own thighs around his abdomen and squeeze so hard the bigger man turns bright red from the strain.

As the sweat begins to course down Joey’s body, his back and chest glossy with it, Zman finds it harder to hold on to him, still managing to apply nelsons, splashes, and schoolboy pins. This is a rough, even exchange of masculine energy and athletic ability, made all the more exciting by the surprisingly even-match between both experienced brawlers.

Run time: 19 minutes, 14 seconds

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