Z-Man vs. Lane Hartley (Domination)


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I've been a bit drained from focusing on this so much, but this was refreshing.

Lane Hartley has bulked up. He's become a bit of a lumberjack. You know that new trend? Manly man. Look at me and my big masculine beard. I know, I know. You're cool and macho and tough. Lane definitely fits the bill.

This match Z-Man comes in, just as enthusiastic as every time I see him, even though he knows he has no shot at beating the big man. Z-Man is impressive. He spends nights traveling up and down the Southeast dancing in strip clubs and wrestling on films, yet, still has the ability to keep up that physique.

I'm a Z-Man fan. He lives the life. Florida-boy, sex-weights-and-protein-shakes. Who wouldn't want to be him? Lucky bastard. The dude is a huge fan of wrestling and will travel hundreds of miles to get in the ring or on a mat. He'll also travel hundreds of miles to shake his ass or flash his smile at an audition. You may see him pop up in commercials and movies.

Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked. Z-Man has no shot at beating Hartley, but he shows up and he tries. Lane shows little mercy to the much smaller victim as he is disposed in numerous sleeper variations, multiple DDTs and a couple of tombstone piledrivers.

Lane finally says good night with a "Kiss of Death" Sleeper-hold.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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