Z-Man vs. Matty O'Boy & Zacky Darlin (Double-Teamed)


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“The pool is that way. This is a wrestling mat,” laughs Z-Man, wearing his trademark mannequin grin. Real life boyfriends Matty O’Boy and Zacky Darling don’t appreciate Z-Man’s snark. Nor do they appreciate Z-Man’s boastful confidence in his own wrestling abilities. 

These guys may be fresh faces in the wrestling world, but if you’ve seen any of their recent matches, you know neither one is what you’d call a pushover. Sexy Zacky has wrestling experience and a sadistic streak, while red-headed Matty has a rubbery flexibility that makes him very difficult to vanquish, not to mention an indomitable spirit. This two-on-one battle might be more than Z-Man can handle! 

Five seconds in sees Guy Smiley cursing like a pirate while trapped in a glorious tie up. Long legs wrap around that defined torso, or entrap Z-Man around the neck. Back on his feet and Z-Man plows into the boys with a recklessness that makes him an easy target. Matty rides Z-Man’s ass and stretches his legs, while hot Zacky crushes his windpipe.

“For someone who talks a lot of shit, you’re not very good at this,” remarks Matty in that calm voice, before grinding his junk into Z-Man’s crotch and slapping his ready ass. Suddenly we’re reminded that Z-Man’s been on the scene for a minute, while these brutal boyfriends might be the freshest fighters around. If you love a great three-way pounding where a bully gets beat, this match is mean, nasty, sexy, and satisfying.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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