Z-Man vs. Rendell Zebu


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Rendell came to me from a Florida friend who showed me a few pics of some guys he knew that may be available for some wrestling matches. Immediately I was impressed with his abs. How couldn’t you be? Isn’t that what every guy wants? Perfect abs? I know I do. 

It took me a little bit to figure out Rendell’s personality when it came to wrestling matches. He’s naturally dominant and aggressive. But you wouldn’t know that upon meeting him outside the wrestling realm. Very friendly and with a welcoming (yet, devious) smile. 

A bit of a novice. He’s spends most his evenings Go-Go Dancing around Florida. 

You can tell that he dislikes being on the losing end of a wrestling hold. His quickness and agility come in handy. In fact, he’s the only man that I’ve ever seen make Z-Man actually break a sweat. At one point, it looks like they’ve been rubbed with baby oil. The abs glisten beautifully.

The action is back-and-forth until the very end between these two chiseled grapplers. Z-Man attacks the lower half of Rendell before applying a figure four leg lock to get the final submission.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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