Z-Man vs. Ricky Vegas


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I’ve got a surprise for Z-Man. While he’s busy looking like he’s posing for a toothpaste commercial, I devise an opportunity to take advantage of his greatest weakness...the simple fact that he is notorious for underestimating his opponents. 

Enter Ricky Vegas. Pecs, quads, biceps, abs. He may be small, but he’s cut, confidant, and cool as hell. This oughta be fun. 

They start off with some fancy footwork, then Vegas does the unthinkable...he touches Z-Man’s straight outta the 90’s hair! Nothing throws this dude off more, and nobody throws harder than Ricky Vegas. Z-Man eats the mat again and again, surprising the bigger man so much you can actually hear me cracking up behind the camera!

What follows is a genuinely competitive match between two very differently built bruisers. Vegas holds his own almost the entire time, even managing to buck Z-Man off of him when trapped in a full straddle. This dude never backs down. 

Finally, Z-Man resorts to some dirty moves, lifting Vegas off the floor and leaving him no choice but to fully attack that hair. Z-Man fails to take direction, so much so that yours truly has no choice but to come out from behind the camera, rip off my shirt and shorts, and sort him out! Hey, sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. To Vegas goes the spoils!

Total Run-Time: 23 minutes, 32 seconds

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