Zach Altovito vs. Guido Genatto


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Zach Altovito’s bodybuilder physique is almost impossible to believe. You can’t help looking for the bicycle pump that inflates those mammoth biceps, pectorals, and thighs. He’s a good looking guy to boot, with a handsome face and a light layer of dark hair all over his body. Grr! But Guido Genatto is the original hairy mat hunk. As usual, he’s unimpressed, mocking the buff buddy’s custom made pose and using it to his advantage. The barefoot beefcake gets a taste of Genatto’s boot in his gut, and collapses like a house of cards. 

Not even two minutes into the match, Zach bitterly gives up. Guido grabs him by the throat, and squeezes anyway, rising only to kick his buffer bro in the neck. Hard-felt punches rain down on the bodybuilder, huge arms are laced through the ring ropes, causing the bud dude to flail helplessly. 

Now Guido’s having fun, shoving the repeated submissive into the corner and holding him there with his boot heel. Knees, feet, forearms, and fists and used again and again to cause Zach pain, until he is literally crying out in pain and tapping out in response to only Guido’s voice!

Guys this size don’t come along every day, but it sure is a comfort to know Guido Genatto will always be there to chew them up and spit them out!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 23 seconds

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