Zach Altovito vs. Max Quivers


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Zach Altovito is damaged beefcake, hobbling on crutches like a wounded warrior. Shoulders slumped, resigned expression, he limps painfully to a bench with the violent music of other fights taking place in the background. Poor dude. 

Enter Max Quivers, the masked and suited masochist, determined to make this already broken bodybuilder feel even more terrible. Zach reluctantly sheds his bathrobe, revealing lemon yellow speedos. Even broken, he’s still one hell of a good looking dude...until quivers starts demanding flexes. Zach appeases his master like a good puppet should, but Quivers is still hungry for hurt! 

Zach is stretched, bashed, beaten, manhandled, and mashed against walls. Epic pecs and powerful thighs are put on glorious display as Zach attempts to resist hair-pulling in sleepers, brutal backbreakers, and ignored taps. 

Boasting massive biceps, shoulders, thigh muscles, flexed feet, and an epic ass, there’s a certain poetry to watching a bodybuilder be ground into dust. If you like seeing an already broken man pushed beyond the point of no return, this is the title for your sick, twisted tastes!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 18 minutes, 21 seconds

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