Zach Reno & Ethan Andrews vs. Garrett Thomas


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Lone wolf Garrett’s got some deep scratches in his thighs. Looks like he’s been torn up by a tiger. Enter Zach Reno, looking civilized and steady as he walks up to the much taller Garrett, spitting out trash talk. But he’s not alone. He’s not a new tag partner in the form of Ethan Andrews. Together these cocky boys will manhandle the usually victorious Boss Hog. 

Garrett is nelsoned by Ethan and gut pounded by Reno, who holds Garrett’s speedo for leverage. Switching places, Andrews licks his fists before pounding the bigger man. As Garrett’s tightly bound hair tumbles around his shoulders, both dignity and strength are stripped away. 

Reno and Andrews are like a demented Tweedledee and Tweedldeum, attacking Garrett with camels, head scissors, splashes,  hair pulling, and even a double Boston crab. It’s a two against one humiliation adventure, and nobody suffers quite like Garrett Thomas.  

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 15 seconds

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