Zach Reno vs. Ace Owens


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Even jobbers get a chance to win sometimes, and Ace Owens and Zach Reno have spent plenty of time face planted on the W4H mats.  Zach is the compact, tight bodied, big pouched scrapper, known for executing his pro moves with speedy grace and agility.  His yellow briefs show off his assets well.  Ace is bigger, and also nicely built, and has shown his fans he knows how to suffer.  Wearing his favorite shamrock trunks, it’s clear he also keeps the girlfriends happy.  I mean, let’s face it, it’s two men in a ring, and that’s always about swagger.

Starting out with a prolonged test of strength, the boys are feeling each other out and assessing their chances for emerging victorious from this match.  Zach takes the early lead, locking Ace up in a series of holds that keep Ace planted firmly face down in the ring.  But Ace is not out yet.  Wrapping Zach up with a nice chin lock, he demands, “So, you like it rough?”  The question should be more like, “So, you like it dirty?”  Because Ace pretends to exchange tips for moves off the ropes, but just wants to set up Zach for a pin.  Of course, Zach sees right through that, and pretends he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and then lands a nice somersault drop over the top rope into Ace’s crotch.  

Ace is not happy about that, getting Zach into a chicken-wing and choke, before proving he has a few swift moves of his own.  But an attempt at a piledriver backfires, and Ace gets slammed into the mat instead, followed by a painful reverse leglock that has Ace promising anything to make it stop.  It might seem like Zach has it in the bag, but Ace gets a second wind and lands a spectacular superkick to the neck.  Will the second wind carry him to victory? Or will he still end up on the bottom — jobber for life.

Run Time:  20 minutes, 37 seconds

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