Zach Reno vs. Bobby Bryce


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Veteran underground wrestler Zach Reno probably thinks he’s about to get an easy victory.  After all, there are few wrestlers in his weight class with his speed, precision, and agility — all wrapped in a hot, tight package.  Plus, Bobby Bryce is a classic twink.  The ginger newcomer is a little more Macaulay Culkin than he is Prince Harry, and he could use a little more tan and little more bulk, but twink fans will likely be glued to the screen.  Bobby tries to establish some presence early on with some wrist locks, hammer locks and head locks.  But there’s no getting around the fact that Zach is a well-seasoned vet with a lot of strength and resilience.  Soon, Zach is scissoring the cockiness out of Bobby.  And a Boston Crab has Bobby crawling for the ropes and a little time to catch his breath.

Zach is growing weary that Bobby won’t stay down, so there will be no rest for Bobby, as Zach elbow drops with perfection, and then follows it with an axe handle and a full nelson.  But Bobby has got youth and stamina on his side, so this won’t be a squash job.  And the boy does  have some skills.  I guess being glued to the set, watching all your favorite wrestlers can rub off.  Still, he hasn’t had much time to put the moves to use in a real match, and Zach has.  A head scissors just might put Bobby to sleep.

If that doesn’t do the trick, how about some great slams, kicks, a clothesline, and a figure-four leglock — with rope leverage for good measure.  You’ll be surprised Zach’s boot didn’t go right up Bobby’s lily white butt with all that pressure.  Like we said, Zach did not get the easy victory he was expecting, but you know this ends only one way.  

Run Time: 20 minutes, 39 seconds

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