Zach Reno vs. Caleb Klein


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Zach Reno had reached out to Caleb Klein on Facebook to arrange this match, and Caleb’s a little hesitant about going at it.  Zach tells him he was expecting a match, and Caleb immediately knees his gut, back hands him, and then puts Zach in an over the knee backbreaker, continually growling, “Did you expect that?”   Look, there’s no point pretending that Zach will be anything but a jobber here.  Caleb is known for his southern charm, but in the ring, he puts those muscles to use submitting and schooling his opponents.  And Zach is definitely stepping up in class here.  He’s well-muscled and skilled, but Caleb is a heavy-weight.

Caleb continues with a perfect bow and arrow, leaving Zach painfully stretched and helpless.  Anytime Zach gets too cocky, Caleb has another move ready.  But Zach has too much pride and skill to just give up, which just pisses Caleb off more.  He repeatedly slams and drops Zach, showing off his impressive arsenal of classic moves along the way.  It gets to the point that even when Zach begs to give up, Caleb refuses, throwing in a prolonged surfboard.  And if that’s not enough, how about some Fireman carries and powerbombs?  Or a crossface camel clutch, wrenching that neck to perfection.  

No matter how many second winds Zach gets, or how many DDT’s he survives, he’s still going to ultimately end up face down or flat on his back.  And this trip to jobber-ville provides an excellent overview of all of Caleb’s impressive moves. 

Run Time: 20 minutes, 1 second

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