Zach Reno vs. Coleman Free (Basement Battle)


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Some pre-match trash-talking starts off the match with Zach letting Coleman know that they are in his dungeon and he has no intention of losing. He tells Coleman that if he somehow does beat him, nobody will believe him. Coleman quickly responds that there will be video footage to prove he won, to which Zach replies that the video will be deleted, IF Coleman were to win. 

A little back-and-forth action starts the match with both wrestlers trying to gain the upper hand. Coleman is no jobber, but he clearly gives up some height and strength to Zach, as well as some attitude. Both wrestlers try to gain control of the other, but neither appears to have a clear advantage. Zach gets Coleman in a full nelson and it looks as if he may get a submission out of it. Coleman manages to escape and get Zach in a standing wristlock. Just as Coleman starts to apply some serious pressure, Zach grabs a handful of his pretty blonde hair, allowing him to reverse the hold. Zach manages to get a grasp on Coleman’s left arm and begins twisting it, putting heavy pressure on the shoulder. It doesn’t take long before Coleman is forced to submit. 

Zach doesn’t even let Coleman up off of the mats before grabbing his left arm again. Coleman is clearly not pleased and manages to grab Zach’s left arm and begin punishing it in much the same way. Zach refuses to submit and is able to get out of it and land a brutal kick to Coleman’s mid-section, followed by a face-plant into the mat. As Coleman is trying to regain his composure, Zach hits the mats with his hands and yells out, “MY DUNGEON!” He quickly rolls Coleman over and goes for a pin, but Coleman kicks out at the two-count. Zach is not happy with this and immediately begins punishing Coleman’s left arm again. Just as we think Coleman is about to submit again, he manages to lift Zach up in the air, not once, but twice. Each time, Zach’s manhood takes the brunt of the punishment. Coleman goes for a quick rollup and is able to get the 3-count and win the fall. 

Coleman starts taunting Zach by asking him who’s dungeon it is now. All Zach can do is whimper out some statement about Coleman not following the rules of not using low blows. Coleman is definitely feeling as if he has the upper hand now and trash-talking as he works over Zach’s left leg. It doesn’t take Zach long to regain control, but it is short lived. Coleman is tasting victory now and continues to work over Zach, ultimately choking him out. Stomps, eye gouges, and lots of verbal abuse keep Zach down on the mats. A camel clutch makes it look as if Coleman has the match all wrapped up, but Zach manages to stand up and slam Coleman into the wall. A DDT has Zach totally dazed and looking at the ceiling with a blank stare as Coleman covers him for another 3-count. 

Could this be the end of Zach’s dungeon? Coleman keeps taunting Zach to say whose dungeon it is. Zach refuses to do so. Some back-and-forth blows have both men hurting, but Zach continues to dish out punishment and is able to gain the next pinfall. As Zach pulls him up by the hair, Coleman nails another low blow right to Zach’s manhood, bringing him to his knees. Once back on his feet, Zach returns the favor, leaving Coleman in serious pain. Both men are slow to get back up and continue. It looks like Coleman has the match won when Zach makes it perfectly clear it is HIS dungeon and nobody will take it away from him. Coleman is left out cold after being pinned in a decisive victory for Zach. Zach can’t resist flexing and posing over his beaten opponent.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 57 seconds

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