Zach Reno vs. Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)


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Let’s be honest, Zach Reno can be one cocky son of a bitch. Which is why when he is immediately put on the defensive as he even tries to enter the ring it is so surprising. Unable to mount even the slightest offense, Zach’s body (and specifically his balls) encounter such an onslaught that you wouldn’t be faulted for not remembering that Zach is really the ring veteran here.

Gabe comes at Zach like never before, but eventually Zach does shake off the ring rust to turn the beating around and dish it out nearly as good as he has received it. That accounts for the first two thirds of the match, with each grappler controlling the other, what happens in the third and final portion of the match?

Well, one wrestler is left lying in the middle of the ring, having absorbed repeated kicks to the groin and ball grabs the likes of which have been rarely seen. And the final humiliation? How about the winner grabbing a can of spray paint and spraying “W 4 Hire” on the chest of his unconsciousness opponent? This match could easily compete with the best Ball Bash matches out there!

Total Run-Time: 30 minutes, 02 seconds

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