Zach Reno vs. Igor


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Zach is in the ring brandishing his championship belt. He challenges anyone to try and take it from him, and soon Igor accepts the challenge. Before long the battle has been engaged and the two go at each other not just to win, but to truly humiliate the other person. Zach is clearly the more experienced grappler, and he put that knowledge to good use in the early stages of the bout.

Igor, however, outclasses Zach in the pure power ranking and he soon manages to mount an offense of his own. His inexperience in the W4H ring though shows as he hesitates for a moment, and he quickly learns that you can’t do that with an opponent the caliber of Zach Reno. Zach pounces once again, and the beatdown of Igor resumes.

A double axe-handle from the top rope and a pair of piledrivers seals the deal for the victor. Not satisfied with a three count, the winner counts to ten to show his total supremacy in the ring. It is something the loser is not soon to forget.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 54 seconds

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