Zach Reno vs. Ken (Bedroom Battle)

Bro Battle

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If there is one thing the guys in the Bro Battle house should know by now, it is that they are never safe, especially when sleeping! Zach is trying to get some shut-eye when he finds a most unusual bed companion, Ken has joined him, and he proceeds to wake Zach up and place him in a devastating head scissor. Having been woken up so abruptly, and still groggy, Zach is unable to fight off Ken’s sneak attack and taps out.

And the attack continues. Various forms of head scissors are displayed. In every case, Zach finds himself unable to defend against the power of Ken’s powerful legs. Zach slips into and out of unconsciousness as the grip tightens around his head and neck.

In the end, and lifeline Zach had to reality is severed and he slips into the world of slumber. I am sure that, could he speak, Zach would wonder why Ken had to wake him up in the first place, if his goal was to put him to sleep? Couldn’t Zach have skipped all the pain in between? I don’t think Ken (or you) would have enjoyed it as much!

Total Run-Time: 18 minutes, 41 seconds

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