Zach Reno vs. MarkO


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After a few matches where Zach Reno got to squash someone else for a change, the powers that be must have decided he needed to be reminded that he’s still a jobber.  A good looking, tight muscled and skilled jobber, but a jobber nonetheless.  So, today’s reminder is being delivered special delivery by MarkO.   As in Mark - O - crap- look at those muscles! He’s definitely a contender for the vascular hall of fame.  He’s also a little unhinged.  Whereas Zach always plays it cool.

Zach shows off his guns to start us off, and they are nice guns.  But there’s no getting around the fact that MarkO’s are just more massive and more shredded.  No one should call Zach a wuss, because he has proven time and time again that he’s got great skill and agility, and impressive stamina.  However, MarkO is just always going to be assumed to be the dominant, alpha male.  This match is not going to change that calculus.

MarkO proves this by, for example, doing some squats while he’s got Zach up in the air primed for a vertical suplex.  In fact, he’s got Zach up in the air over and over again, and slammed to the mat again and again.  MarkO is not just about the big crowd-pleasing moves, though.  He can show how much testosterone is coursing through all those veins with a punishing claw, a neck lock, or a prolonged surfboard or sleeper.  Watch for Zach’s face about halfway through when MarkO announces he’s not even tired.  This is going to be a long, slow ride to hell for Zach.  All the better for you fans of a skilled jobber suffering at the hands of a crazy, dominant, ripped muscle god.

Run Time:  21 minutes, 35 seconds

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