Baron Badcock vs. Myst

Hero Hunks

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Baron Badcock is back, baby! He may be shorter than the average super hero, but his muscles are massive and his spirit is staggeringly strong. Watch as he manhandles and maimes muscular, manly Myst. Those taught, tatted arms are twisted and torn, exposing hairy pits and nips ready for torture. The more massive man is repeatedly put in his place by the Baron, who lords his superiority over Mist with ever increasing ease...his pendulous cock swinging like a tolling bell in a revealing purple thong.

Myst’s man-meat is all but mangled by Badcock’s brutal hand. Mist is thrown, dark hair tossing backward as his pectorals are turned like a pair of jammed door knobs. Fingers dig into tan skin... Fists close around cocks and balls...and wrists are bound to cages with bull ropes, leaving the bigger man even more vulnerable to the Baron’s nasty abuse.

It’s a David and Goliath match with a truly twisted tone. Muscles, boots, balls, and brutality are hard at work in this one-sided, Little beats Big cage match!

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 48 seconds

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