Baron Badcock vs. The Ripper

Hero Hunks

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The Ripper prowls around in leather gauntlets and harlequin black and white, seeking valuables to add to his personal collection. He strikes a pretty figure with his muscles glistening in the light. Who knows what valuables he might steal this time. Luck for us there’s a tiny avenger bringing down the big, bad men of the world. Enter...Baron Badcock in his trademark lavender thong and mask!

The Ripper’s no match for Baddy, who uses his size to his advantage by taking all the low blows he can. Badcock manages to hoist the bigger Ripper onto his shoulders, spank that harlequin ass, and throw him roughly to the floor. You’ll be astonished by the impressive strength of Badcock, as he again and again throws, crushes, and brutalizes The Ripper.

“Please!” screams the Ripper. “No more! Show some mercy!” as his fingers are wrenched backwards, his cock-and-balls are busted, his nips are twisted so hard the villain nearly faints...and his dignity is stripped away like his clothes...leaving him humiliated and bound in only a black thong. There may be a muscular new art installation on the floor of this museum come morning.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 4 seconds

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