Cal Bennett vs. Brad Barnes (Tickle Match)


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Brad Barnes is built like a bull, powerful muscle, stability, and great foundation balance on an artfully inked bod. Cal Bennett could be is younger bro, catching up to Barnes in both tattoos and wrestling talent. 

Try not to grin as these two handsome dudes with muscular bods take their fight to the next level by adding a little something extra. Facing off in boots and speedos, they can barely contain their own smiles as they roll and rumble in an effort to get those boots off so they can engage in some highly effective tickle torture!

Barnes gains the upper hand, then uses that hand to expose his opponent’s feet, which he tickles with a greedy glee. Bennett returns the favor, practically having to sit on Barnes to keep his laughing, bucking body down. Suddenly they’re rolling and tangling, going to town on abs, armpits, and more, both laughing with long, deep, hearty bellows of laughter. 

What starts off as a simple tickle torture evolves into a best 2 out of 3 contest. First mutual ab tickling, first to stop wins. Barnes mounts Bennett like a pony, going full tickle tormentor on abs and pits, until a completely delighted Bennett rolls way gasping with joy.  

Round two sees them prostrate with feet in face, engaging in mutual foot tickling that has both of their faces turning red with surprise. Barnes separates Bennett’s toes to gain access to the sensitive spots in between, then sits on his face and digs into those hairy armpits like a champ. 

“You’re gonna be my fuckin’ tickle bitch!” 

It’s a good-natured tickle romp between two manly bros, because laughter is the best abdominal workout!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 33 seconds

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