Cal Bennett vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Tickle Match)


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“I’m not givin’...” gasps handsome Cal Bennett. “You’re gonna have to work harder than that.” 

Jaxton Wheeler doesn't have to be told twice. In a flash he’s sitting astride Bennett, squeezing his tattooed pecs so hard they look like wads of sculpting about to be turned into pottery. Bennett looks like he’s seeing white from the pain. 

Suddenly Wheeler changes his tactics, engaging in some twisted tickle torture that leaves both men smiling from ear-to-ear. Pecs, abs, necks, and pits are lavished with equal tickle attention. Wheeler clearly likes where things are heading as he peels Bennett’s socks off so he can go to town on Bennett’s feet, determined to make him piss all over the mat. 

In a failed effort to escape, Bennett finds his head trapped between Wheeler’s massive thighs, giving the bitter man prime access to Bennett’s ribs. 

But don’t worry, Wheeler knows how to put the fight in “tickle fight” and never lets Bennett forget who is boss by peppering the grin-inducing action with gut punching and scissor holds in between the deep digging armpit plundering.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 50 seconds

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