CJ Reznik (Tickled by Blake Starr)


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It turns out ticklish Blake Starr is also a master tickler.  He destroys rival CJ Reznik in the boss’s office. CJ is tied to the chair in the exact same position Blake has found himself. Blake is hungry to dish it out for a change and poor CJ is the unlucky victim of Blake’s ticklish vengeance.  Blake knows how to work over a guy, especially his bare feet.  He tortures CJ with unbearable sensations as CJ struggles against the restrictive bondage.

Blake teases and taunts the helpless muscle boy and makes him squirm.  Blake is truly an evil tickler and what he does with a fork to CJ’ s oiled and helpless feet will make even the strongest fan wince.  CJ is put through absolute torture, and Blake relishes every minute of finally being in charge.

Total Run-time: 12 minutes, 16 seconds

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