CJ Reznik (Tickled by Ricky Vegas)


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Poor CJ Reznik is at the mercy of Ricky Vegas and unfortunately for CJ, Ricky doesn’t know the meaning of the word.  CJ is completely helpless, tied on his knees to a bondage device that leaves his muscled body and big  bare feet exposed.  Ricky wastes no time and attacks CJ’s helpless body.  The big guy is humiliated at being tormented by the much smaller Ricky, but his bondage is tight and he is going nowhere.  Ricky relishes using a green feather on the wrestler’s bare feet and those feet squirm desperately to escape the maddening tickle.  CJ’s position makes him especially vulnerable and he can’t even see where Ricky will strike next.  He tries to break out of his tight bondage, but the device was made by a bondage expert and CJ is stuck.
After he tickles the fight out of CJ leaving him weak and beaten, Ricky unties him only to wrestle the worn-out hunk.  CJ’s humiliation grows as he is thrown around by RIcky.  He is put in hold after hold and is too exhausted to fight back agains the determined Ricky.  CJ can’t stand being tickled and treated like a rag doll, but Ricky keeps him pinned and helpless as he works over his ticklish body.

Total Run-time: 12 minutes

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