Dark Detective & Detective Boy vs. Fan Boy

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Which of us hasn’t fantasized about going into the Cave and being able to see and be with Dark Detective & Detective Boy? We all have at some point. Those muscular masked heroes dressed in tights, sliding down poles (literally and figuratively), the older leader living with his “boy wonder” with no girl in sight. Come on, we all knew they were gay then and some things never change. As Dark Detective & Detective Boy are in their Cave after they were unable to catch their dastardly criminal, some twink ginger fan manages to sneak in with them. He quickly starts taking pics before an annoyed Dark Detective tells him to take some selfies.

Dark Detective then offers for each of them to lift him up over their heads. The first attempt by the Dark Detective fails, so they do a 1-2-3 count and are successful. Detective Boy then does the same, only he is able to lift this fan up on his first attempt. Dark Detective asks our fan who is stronger and gets noticeably annoyed when the fan says Detective Boy. His temper is further irritated when the fan tells him Detective Boy is younger and stronger. For those who have fantasized about wrestling the Dark Detective and Detective Boy, your fantasy is about to come true.

When the Dark Detective gets the fan in a camel clutch, he immediately changes his answer to the Dark Detective being the stronger of the two. the Dark Detective and Detective Boy consult and decide this ginger twink isn’t a true fan if he is going to change his answers. Our hard-bodied heroes begin putting him in various holds, then try to ascertain how this so-called fan was able to enter the Cave. He is able to provide the password, but refuses to say how he got the Dark Detective’s fingerprint. Telling Detective Boy that he is his favorite only leads to more punishment for our wimpy fan. When asked again how he was able to get in, our fan again refuses to say, yet this time he sounds like he’s crying. Some hard hero gut punches make our fan ready to puke. His pleas to stop this punishment are not met.

Our heroes now suspect that this so-called fan may be the criminal they are after. After a double-bodyslam, Detective Boy gets him in a schoolboy pin (who wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that?!!?) as the Dark Detective uses breath control to get a confession. It works and he admits he is the criminal mastermind behind everything.

Detective Boy hogties our cowardly fan as the Dark Detective asks him who is stronger. Once again he says Detective Boy is, but changes his answer when pressure is applied by the Dark Detective. This fan/criminal mastermind is crying as he eeks out that this is not the fantasy he had in mind. Our sexy heroes have yet again foiled the plot for crime in Gotham. A phone call to the Commissioner and some selfies with our hogtied fan leave our hard bodied heroes with another crime solved.

Tune in again to see which crimes the Dark Detective & Detective Boy are able to solve next. 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 28 seconds

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