Dark Detective vs. Tsunami

Hero Hunks

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The Dark Detective (Braden Charron) comes to light...not good for the nocturnal hero. He’s chained and strapped to the bars of a prison gate, his powerful, lycra-clad body left exposed for whatever may come. Enter Tsunami (Christian Thorn), clad in pink speedos and a black mask. He’s got the bat right where he wants him, pressing his hot, muscular body against the heaving chest of the frightened defender of Gotham. Tsunami fondles the Dark Detective’s face, pushing his hips into his with demented glee. 
“Let’s begin to play...a little game,” says Tsunami with a power-hungry grin. Tsunami tightens the captured foes chains, punches his defenseless abs, and wraps his fingers around his neck and chin with perfect control. Watch as the Dark Detective's face turns red from lack of oxygen. Hear the soft sound of friction as Tsunami rubs his bare skin against the batsuit and grinds his stubble threateningly against the bigger man’s face. 
In time the super villain breaks the hunk down enough to release him, strip off his boots and trunks, making him even more vulnerable. Knees pound balls and lycra is peeled off methodically, exposing the mere mortal body of the legendary hero. Tsunami straddles him, his pink clad shaft rubbing against the bodybuilders bare skin, then turns him face-down into the mat and rides his back, inflicting a brutal wedgie so violent the Dark Detective can probably taste his own genitals. Will the Dark Detective find his metal and teach Tsunami a lesson, or is this the squash job of the century?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 4 seconds

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