Dark Detective vs. Wing Boy

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The Dark Detective, like all Super Heroes, has his enemies. Who can blame them? He’s strong, smart, sexy, drives a Batmobile, and lives in the bat-like cave with his crime-fighting partner, Detective Boy. The Dark Detective and Detective Boy also get to slide up and down on the Bat-pole, draw your own conclusion. Wing Boy is definitely no fan of the Dark Detective’s and starts off dropping an f-bomb when describing him. Could this spell disaster for our sexy Super Hero? We hope not!

In swoops our sexy hero, ready to fight yet another scoundrel who dares to challenge him and threaten the good citizens. Not only does the Dark Detective have justice on his side, he also has a significant advantage in height and strength. Wing Boy, of course, fights for the lowlife members of society, so one must always be on the look out for underhanded tricks. Dark Detective is able to take an early advantage and is tossing Wing Boy around with no effort at all. Dark Detective grabs Super Soldier’s shield and use it against this evil villain. Wing Boy is quickly begging for mercy, more so after the Dark Detective strips him down to an electric blue thong. Dark Detective even forces Wing Boy to eat his boots, well, not literally, but you get the picture.

Wing Boy proves to be no match for the crime-fighting Super Hero. The Dark Detective proves superior in every way as Wing Boy is tossed around like a sack of garbage. Much the way that a villain would tie a damsel in distress to a railroad track, Dark Detective ties Wing Boy to the top of the slave cage. As a final victory, The Dark Detective takes the mask away from Wing Boy, holds it up, and proclaims, “JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!”

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 45 seconds

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