Dash vs. The Midnight Butcher

Hero Hunks

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Sexy Dash (Blake Starr) finds himself face-down and bound at the wrists, and hogtied with a bull rope from neck to ankles. The insanely hot hero struggles against his bonds, his back muscles working overtime to get free, while his red lightning tights reveal a shapely ass that rocks back-and-forth in rhythm to his racing heart. Yellow boots kicks helplessly as he fights for freedom. He’s got to get away...but how?

The curly-haired hunk strains and experiments, feeling the bull rope floss his ass...until the demented Midnight Butcher (Calvin Haynes) appears to claim his prize. He’s big, tatted, and unquestionably psychotic, looking like a twisted version of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street in his shiny black apron, gloves, and mask. He turns Dash sideways with a knee buried square in his side and takes in the sight of this physically flawless lad, so lean, so muscular, armpits exposed, abs so tight. 

Black gloved hands clench Dash’s armpits and pecs, massaging and hitting, poking and prodding with almost surgical obsession. Dash is headlocked, choked, ridden, and humped. The more he struggles, the harder he gets it. Backbreakers, arm wrenching, chest smothering, hand gagging. The Butcher locks his knee-high booted feet tightly around Dash’s torso, his black thong enticingly visible above the waistline of his black pleather pants. It’s a squash job, make no mistake about it. Midnight Butcher slings Dash over his shoulders, carrying him off for deeper tortures of the sort you can only find in your darkest imaginings!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes 44 seconds

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