Detective Boy vs. Laughing Lunatic


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Detective Boy is looking for clues when the Laughing Lunatic sneaks up on him and chloroforms him from behind. Suddenly finding himself unconscious, Detective Boy is at the mercy of the maniacal villain. Upon awakening, the Laughing Lunatic uses first the hero’s cape and then his own hand to choke down the helpless hero.

What follows is a systematic breaking down of our hero. Leg scissors, crotch grabs, and more chloroform keep Detective Boy disoriented and at the mercy of the dastardly villain. He even gives the hero a nasty wedgie to further humiliate him. A few spanks for good measure followed by a devastating sleeper hold and our hero is twitching on the ground in pain.

A foot to the balls, and one more final indignation as the hero is stripped of his speedo down to a thong. Finally carted off for who knows what awaits our hero, one can just hope that our hero is okay in the end. If you enjoy a complete and total deconstruction of a person punctuated by the maniacal laughs of a villain who totally enjoys his work and doesn’t give a damn, then this video is for you.

Total Run-Time: 25 minutes, 34 seconds

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