Detective Boy vs. Sidekick Scrappy

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Muscular stud Steel Boy (Scrappy) finds himself powerless and punked, wrists chained above his head, legs spread wide and tied in place. What is this mysterious red lighting, these coils of fog, this long and lean shadow falling across his bewildered face? Enter Blake Starr, a smothering super villain with a sinister sleeping smoke. Can the pretty musclehunk endure whatever sick, twisted abuse Starr has in store?

“Super Dork!” cries Starr, punching Scrappy’s gut so hard you can hear the strikes. Scrappy begs for the pain to stop, his cries interrupted by more strikes. Starr stretches the heroes legs apart even further, forcing some priceless begging out of the sad stud.

Raw screams for help go unheard. Starr’s killer thighs enter the shot in heightened definition, as his booted foot slowly and methodically crushes Scrappy’s balls.

Scrappy suffers like an Academy Award winner when the Kryptonite is busted out, flailing and straining, pleading for release. At last Starr releases him, but things are only going to get worse for this tortured hero!

Total Run-Time: 18 minutes, 42 seconds

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