Green Guardian vs. Super Solder & Mysterion


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The stunning superhero Green Guardian is strung up and stretched out on the evil Mysterion’s torture rack! He calls out for someone to save him again and again, will anyone help our hero?! 

Finally, the last American hero Super Soldier arrives and tries to save his buddy, but what he doesn’t know is that Mysterion is sneaking up behind and with vicious glee grabs the American stud and knocks him out with his magic potion! As Super Soldier falls down to the floor, helpless and defeated, our evil villain injects him with mind control serum! 

Green Guardian calls out in despair when he realizes that his best friend is now completely controlled by Mysterion. Super Soldier is no more! The villain demands that he destroy his former friend, and they release him from his ropes and begin a arsenal of destruction! They slam him over their knees, and continually make our hero’s abs a target for super punches! 

Guardian is stretched and pulled into all kinds of vicious holds. Mysterion constantly berating him and demanding Super Soldier make it more painful (as well as making him give us a beautiful flexing routine while his incapacitated friend screams for mercy!) 

But no one can hear you scream in Mysterion’s lair, and as the Green Guardian finds this out, we see his will begin to fade. After every dominating move, we see him slowly accept his fate, asking them “What are you gonna do to me?” Almost as if he’s enjoying it! Is he? 

Well, when Mysterion decides to rip off the Guardians super suit, and show off his massive muscles, it looks like it’s all over for him. With each atomic wedgie or super smash he cries out for mercy. But, the two villains enjoy watching their dirty domination and are not gonna stop! 

Will Green Guardian find a way out of this torture? Will Super Soldier be freed from the evil villains mind control? Or will Mysterion make both heroes become his private property and dedicated slaves?! Tune in to see!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 57 seconds

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