Krupp99 vs. Midnight Mauler

Hero Hunks

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Krupp99 (Jacob Van Acker) enters the villain’s lair, decked out in a skintight purple power suit, complete with black speedos, utility belt, and boots. Krupp99’s one of the hottest hunks in the business, and he’s all too happy to have finally gotten his powerful hands on the Hammer of Destiny.

Enter Midnight Mauler (Joey Nux), barefoot in midnight blue speedos and top. He threatens Krupp99 with his own impressive body, suggesting that Krupp’s nothing without the hammer. Krupp stupidly puts the hammer down, and Midnight Mauler responds by hoisting the upstart punk off his feet by his neck, making the handsome hunk groan, gag, and strain as his beautiful face is crushed by the massive fingers of Midnight. 

The beautiful Krupp is crushed, twisted, tossed, and gagged. Items are stuffed into his moaning mouth, as he flails and strains, his impressive musculature flexing beneath his purple lycra suite. His utility belt is stolen, as the mightier Midnight manhandles the punk’s chest and throat, pressing his bare knee into his abdomen. 

All too soon Krupp is stripped, revealing a sweaty, sexy body, as he attempts to crawl away from Midnight. He is grabbed by his hair and peeled out of his suit, revealing a pale ass in a purple thong, which is used to wedgie and wreck him while he apologizes on all fours. His impressive package is put on breathtaking display as he is tortured by Midnight, who strips down to reveal his own incredible action figure-like body, made all the more glorious by the sweat that covers him. As he presses his bare foot into Krupp’s neck, it’s hard to look away from the screen. Nothing can prepare you for the double thong head squeeze that finishes off one hunk…

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 11 seconds

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