Lightning vs. Lightning (Clone Wars)


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Yellow and black clad hero Lightning awakens in a dingy dungeon wearing his classic, sleek bodysuit that leaves nothing to the imagination. Every inch of his lean, muscular body is on display in the uninterrupted, sleek, smooth bodysuit with long black lines up and down the sides. Black boots and a mask complete the look on the handsome hero with the short cropped hair. There’s only one problem...there are two of him! One of them is a clone, but each believes himself to be the true Lightning. Only one can survive...fight! 

They start off with a standing, strangling struggle. They push and shove, adn attack each other’s pecs and abs, loudly thumping each other with heroic force. Soon they’re interlacing their fingers and rolling on the floor, straddling, schoolboy pinning, threatening one another. Arms are twisted like ropes. Arms are wrenched and wrangled. Packages bounce and cast shadows on the yellow supersuit. 

Facesitting, ball busting, chains! These heroes only get more brutal with each frustrating hold. They’re too evenly how can anybody win? Boots are dug into necks. Supersuits are peeled off to reveal the smooth, muscular bodies underneath. They fight shirtless, then in only miniscule thongs...using the discarded supersuits as strangulation devices. Bare asses clench and lean legs intertwine as they roll and rage against each other to the very end. If you’re into clone fights, evenly matched battles, or twin wrestling, this is the match for you! 

Total Runtime - 20 minutes, 35 seconds

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