Mental Mind vs. Crimson Fury

Hero Hunks

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Sexy, wolf-like Mental Mind sifts through Crimson Fury’s Malevolent Lair, until the crimson prince himself intrudes upon his looting. Mental Mind’s deep purple trunks leave little to the imagination, his powerful package casting shadows as he slinks and paces around the action figure-shaped Fury. They want a piece of each other. You can feel it in the air.

“Stop me! Come on! I want you to!” commands Mental Mind, who quickly reveals his special powers of mind control. “All that muscle and no brain. Let’s have some fun!”

Fury commands Fury to rise, flex, and take hit after hit without feeling the pain until told to. Mental orders Fury to twist and pull his own nipples, which he proceeds to self-abuse so hard this own knuckles turn white. Mental makes him give himself a humiliating wedgie that reveals his stunning ass cheeks.

“Pec claw yourself!” orders Mental Mind. “Squeeze harder! Dig deeper...harder...let’s go! Now grab your balls and squeeze!”

It’s a uniquely twisted exploration of sensual dominance and total control!

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 2 seconds

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