Mental Mind vs. Golden Guardian

Hero Hunks

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Mental Mind (Ethan Andrews) descends into the lair, giving the camera a bodacious view of his purple-clad derriere. Obviously, he’s up to no good...but the glittering Golden Guardian (Jaxton Wheeler) won’t stand for any of his shenanigans. In a swoop of golden brilliance, the Guardian chokes and bear hugs Mental Mind, crushing his abdomen with his powerful arms.

Snap! Mental Mind charges up his mind control, forcing the hairy hero into a sleep state that renders him weak, pliable, and subservient to the will of the master...who promptly delivers throttling blows to his body with a delayed pain reaction.

“Squeeze your balls!” demands Mental Mind, forcing the mind-controlled hero to obey, then share the pain by squeezing his balls too. Mental Mind strokes the hero’s hairy chest with possessive care. This is only the beginning, as the boss breaks his big, muscular boy by commanding self-inflicted wedgies, pectoral abuse, and so much more!

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 14 seconds

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