Power Bulge vs. All-American Boy


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Power Bulge is looking for the detonator so he can destroy the city. All American Boy knows where it is but he won’t disclose it’s location so he can save the city. The two are at crossed purposes and so Power Bulge is determined to beat the information out of All American Boy. What follows is just that, with Power Bulge not only pounding the chiseled hero from one side of the space to the other, but also subjecting him to his special power.

His evil moniker is not just a fancy name, it tells his challengers exactly what he can do. All American Boy is repeatedly subjected to an invisible powerful energy emanating from the villain’s bulge that incapacitates him. Experiencing incredible pain and suffering whenever the villain thrusts his bulge in his direction it is all too much to bear for the hero. At one point stripped of high tights to reveal a tiny speedo underneath.

Will he finally succumb to the evildoer’s demands and hand over the information, or does he last and save his city? And if he does tell, will the evil heel still let him survive?

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