Ray Nova vs. Gunnar


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Ray Nova has been sent back from the future to stop Gunnar from ending the world. Needless to say, Gunnar is not impressed. Gunnar quickly makes Ray Nova regret his decision to come back with some true ferocious beatdowns. After each one Gunnar takes the time (as all good evil men do) to admire his work and also show off his well sculpted physique.

Ray Nova is not without his moments though but it seems that each time he manages to get the upper hand, Gunnar has a way to reassert his dominance. The two continue in a hard fought good vs. evil contest with the only way for someone to win is in a fight to the death! Ray Nova is eventually stripped of his speedo and left wrestling in just a tiny thong.

Only one man can win and either the future is saved or all of time is doomed. Make sure you stay until the very end to witness the shocking result. Will we all live to see the future?

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