Red Rocket vs. Dr. Hypno

Hero Hunks

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A name like “Dr. Hypno” makes one believe he’s either very good at helping people through hypnosis or he’s as evil and nasty as they come. In this case, Dr. Hypno is played by vicious W4H heel, Donnie Dukes. Odds are that Dr. Hypno is going to be cruel.

Red Rocket is in trouble from the beginning. He’s tied to a table and has already been hypnotized. Dr. Hypno unties his hand and has him massage his own feet. This isn’t looking good for Red Rocket. After putting Red Rocket through a series of humiliating acts, Dr. Hypno has the MUCH taller Red Rocket get on his knees. He puts Red Rocket into a full nelson and wakes him.

This isn’t looking good at all for our tall, hairy, and sexy Red Rocket. The humiliation continues with the evil cock, um, doc putting our sexy stud in and out of sleep and forcing him to do degrading things such as bark, crawl like a dog, etc. His heinous laugh sickens us as we watch him shame and weaken Red Rocket. The depravity gets continually worse with Red Rocket being forced to do even worse things to himself such as to squeeze his own balls, give himself a wedgie, and rub his own pecs.

The perversion is shocking. Dr. Hypno clearly has no conscious. No sane individual would do this to another. The lunatic doc even rides him like he’s a horse.

Dr. Hypno has Red Rocket lay on the table again, rub his crotch, and rub his stomach. He promises Red Rocket he has a special treat for him. He ties Red Rocket to the table once again. We can only imagine what kind of “treat” Red Rocket received.

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 27 seconds

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