Scrappy (Tickled By Blake Starr)


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Scrappy is undoubtedly one of the hottest and toughest wrestlers around. His rock solid body, angelic face and wrestling ability make him a formidable presence.  HIs muscles and charm, however, are of no use once Blake Starr gets him tied down, barefoot and helpless.  Blake has developed a taste and a skill for ruthless tickle torture, and Scrappy is about to learn what that means.  Blake is relentless as he verbally taunts the tied down Scrappy.  He tickles the hell out of Scrappy’s tied and helpless feet.  Once the baby oil comes out, Scrappy knows he is doomed.

It’s humiliating for Scrappy to be in such a position. He has no choice but to take everything Blake is dishing out. Scrappy goes nuts as the cruel and inventive Blake works him over with his fingers, a fork and feathers.  Scrappy’s entire body is subjected to tickling of the most primal kind.  There is no escape for this wrestler as he is tickled to near insanity.

Total Run-time: 11 minutes, 18 seconds

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