Sidekick Scrappy vs. Black Bandit

Hero Hunks

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Callow Sidekick Scrappy wakes up bound and beaten with a big bull rope around his wrists, his neck, and threaded around his waist and under his balls. In only a yellow speedo and purple mask, he looks especially broken despite his powerful muscles, which are on full display in his weakened state. Naturally, he remembers nothing. 

“Looks like my henchmen did the job,” laughs Black Bandit (Braden Charron), a picture of menacing evil in his shiny black catsuit, boots, gloves, and mask. He’s a predator, a survivor, with a twisted erotic style like none other. He grabs Sidekick by both nipples and twists so hard the bound boy screams out in agony. Those meaty pecs are squeezed, gripped, and almost ripped off. Bandit chokes and gags Sidekick, leaving him breathless. The bull rope comes in handy as he beats Sidekick’s balls, shaft, and coils it around his desperately flexing neck. Punching, kicking, throwing, and repeated chest abuse is in store for the sad sidekick, who suffers beautifully...even when faced with a nasty trash can in the back. Boston crabs, hair pulling, and a camera deeply focused on the jobber’s taint keep this lurid punishment session sexy. A total squash job from the master of mystery, and pain! 

Total Run-Time: 18 minutes, 27 seconds

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