Sidekick Scrappy vs. Silver Serpent

Hero Hunks

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Silver Serpent is a boastful villain with the body of a god. In sleek, silvery boots and trunks, he’s both intimidating and appealing. It’s no wonder adorable Sidekick Scrappy has been following at his heels for years. But now, the boy becomes a man. Time to fight the hero and ascend.

A test of strength results in the sidekick’s ass being put on full, humiliating display before the camera as he struggles against his captain. Silver Serpent pounds the wonder boy into the floor, daring him to make his master proud. Fingers lock, chests collide, thigh muscles flex and strain, groins grind, men grunt. Serpent is thrown! Bear hugged! The sidekick’s got it!

But Silver Serpent’s not used to being on the bottom, so what follows is a battler of ego and anger that gets progressively dirtier and dirtier at the fight rages on. Stomping, ball busting, hand-gags, spanking, wedgies, and this war of bouncing packages, thongs, masks, and masochism.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 49 seconds

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