Slash Morgan vs. Dr. Maniacal


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Dr. Maniacal is back to see his next patient, the hero Slash Morgan. Slash is different than others the evil doctor has faced and gives him his biggest challenge to date. Knowing he is seriously outweighed, Slash instead uses his extreme speed advantage to its utmost and manages to put forth his own offense managing to even bring the big doctor to the mat at several points.

Make no mistake, when Dr. Maniacal is in control there is no mercy on Slash and the hero is pounded, splashed, body slammed and otherwise punished throughout the ring. Stripped to just a blue thong, Slash’s abs are abuse, he is the victim of ball grabs and other torture. There is something entirely enticing watching a smaller man unable to escape the clutches of a larger man, knowing that however hard he tries, it will never be enough.

The blows are punishing, the back and forth is exciting and the viewers are the real winners in this exciting bout!

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